Your guide to Coron and the Calamian Islands

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Black Island

Black Island also called Malajon Island is located on the east side of Busuanga Island. Going there by boat from Coron takes several hours. A better jump-off point is Salvation or Concepcion. Hopefully the new highway from Coron to Concepcion and Salvation will be finished 2013 making the ride form Coron smooth and easy.

A big limestone mountain covers most of the island but on the west side is a long white sand beach. The azure water surrounding the island offers an amazing marine life for those who want to snorkel. A short walk from the beach is a cave open for visitors. For a few shows The Slovenian Survivor used this cave for their tribal council. The heat from the lights thats was used during filming the show has damage the Cave and left it biologically dead.


Photos from Black Island