Your guide to Coron and the Calamian Islands

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Banana Island

Banana Island

About 1.5 hours boat ride from Coron town lies Banana Island also known as Dicalabuan Island. It features a beautiful beach covered with fine white sand. The water is clear and if you swim out a bit from the shore you can enjoy excellent snorkeling.

Banana Island is modestly developed, but there are some beach huts where you can escape the sun for a while and a few cottages for those who like to spend a night on the Island. 

Entrence fee is 200 Php for a day trip. If you would like to spend the night contact the owner, Violeta Gallego +63 921-474-1607.

Black Island

Black Island also called Malajon Island is located on the east side of Busuanga Island. Going there by boat from Coron takes several hours. A better jump-off point is Salvation or Concepcion. Hopefully the new highway from Coron to Concepcion and Salvation will be finished 2013 making the ride form Coron smooth and easy.

A big limestone mountain covers most of the island but on the west side is a long white sand beach. The azure water surrounding the island offers an amazing marine life for those who want to snorkel. A short walk from the beach is a cave open for visitors. For a few shows The Slovenian Survivor used this cave for their tribal council. The heat from the lights thats was used during filming the show has damage the Cave and left it biologically dead.


Bulog Dos Island


Bulog Island is about 1.5 hour from Coron Town. It's a small island wich only takes minutes to walk around.  One side of Bulog Island is rocky while the other side is made up of the finest white sand. The only development is a small cottage where visitors may have their lunch. During low tide a sandbar stretches all the way to the neighboring Malaroroy Island.

Its a cozy island with a great beach and the waters around it offers good snorkeling opportunities.

Culion Island


Culion is one of the few historic places in the Calamian Islands. During the American period, Culion was chosen as a containment area for people with leprosy and 1902 a initial grant of $50,000 was approved for for establishing a leper colony on Culion. The leprosy hospital is now converted to a geneeral hospital but there are still a few leprosy patients alive and living in Culion.

CYC Island

CYC is a small Island and its one of the few beaches around Coron where they dont charge an entrance fee. The beach is small and therefor it sometimes get crowded. The Island is home to a monkey who gladly welcomes all the visitors hoping to get a treat.

Since its close to Coron Town and free of charge some of the dive operators use CYC for their discovery dives and dive courses.

Malcapuya Island


A boat ride from Coron town to Malcapuya Island will take about 1.5 hour. The boats arrive on the north side of the Island. From there its a short walk over to the south side where a long stretch of white powdery sand welcomes you.

The water is shallow and you have to walk out quite a bit before it gets deeper. There are plenty of fishes fearlessly swimming around in the water and you can spot some giant clams at the bottom. The beach itself is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the Calamian Islands, so if you want to spend a day relaxing on the beach Malcapuya is definitely the place to go.

The entrance fee is 200 Php per person and hiring a boat from Coron Town over the day will cost around 4000 Php. When going to Malcapuya you should also try to visit the neighboring Islands, Banana Island and Bulog Island

Siete Pecados

Siete PecadosSiete Pecados is the most known and closest snorkeling destination around Coron. The literal meaning of the name Siete Pecados is "Seven Sins". The legend has it that seven sister went swimming against their mothers will, all of them drowned and afterwards seven islands appeared.

The marine life around the Islands are amazing, when you snorkel you will see countless of fishes and the bottom is covered with hard corals.

As many of the more popular destinations in Coron it can get kinda busy during peak season, but once you are in the water you forget about that.

The entrance fee is 100 Php.