Your guide to Coron and the Calamian Islands

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Coron Island

Coron Island is the geographical gem of the Calamianes group of Islands and without a doubt the most visited tourist attraction in Coron. Along Coron Islands coastline you find white sand beaches, coves and lagoons. Hidden behind the steep limestone cliffs are 8 brackish lakes with crystal clear water and 3 smaller lakes with underground connections to the ocean. Coron Island is the third largest among the Calamianes Islands, only Busuanga and Culion island are bigger.

About 70% of Coron Island is made up of steep black limestone cliffs, some of them reaching several hundred meters above sea level. 25% is hills and the remainder of the Islands area is relatively flat.

The locals say that from a distance the Island looks like a sleeping giant and from the right angle and with a little imagination Coron Island does indeed resemble a sleeping giant.

The Tagbanua Tribe

In 1998 Coron Island was reqocnized as a ancestral domain by the goverment and the native Tagbanua tribe was given control of the Island and it´s surrounding waters. The Tagbanuas have two villages on Coron Island, Brgy Banuang Daan and Brgy Cabugao with a total population of about 2000 people.

The biggest source of income for the Tagbanuas besides tourism comes from the collecting and selling of Swiftlets birds nest wich is considered a culinary delicacy throughout asia. 1 Kg of nest can cost more then $2000 wich makes it one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans.

Tourist Attractions on Coron Island

Although the Tagbanuas keep most of the island closed for tourists, the destinations opened to the public are well worth a visit. Some of the places on Coron Island that tourists are allowed to visit are Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, Banol Beach, Beach 91, Atuwayan Beach, Maynuno Beach, Skeleton Wreck and Kalachichi Beach.

 The major tourist attraction on Coron Island is the Kayangan Lake. Dubbed as the cleanest lake in the nation and surrounded by vertical limestone cliffs, Kayangan lake is like an image taken straight from a fantasy movie. 

Neighboring Kayangan lake is Barracuda lake famous for it´s thermocline which invites to one of Coron's most unique dive experiences. Barracuda lake is separated from the ocean by a karst wall. The lake features three layers of water. Bottom layer is sea water, a middle layer of geothermally heated brackish water and a top layer of fresh water. To get the most out of a visit to Barracuda lake you need to dive, since the strongest thermocline takes place at around 18 meters depth.

Coron Islands unique characteristics has put the Island on UNESCO`s tentative list of world heritage sites.